Leggings should be allowed


Are leggings really hurting anyone at BYU? According to the school’s Honor and Dress Code, yes they are; but, if you ask any girl on campus they will give you a different answer.

The unclear dress code at BYU is an ongoing controversy among students. Female students are being forced to forfeit their comfort for the sake of the surrounding males. Leggings are an article of women’s clothing extremely similar to jeggings, which are completely acceptable here at BYU, except for the one distinguishing feature of pockets being present on jeggings.

The testing center, Cannon Center and assorted teachers are cracking down on this dress code violation and are causing discord among female students. Of all of the articles of clothing that are deemed “distracting” to the male gender, I do not believe leggings make a significant enough impact to be banned from BYU campus.

Fashion statements will come and go, but banning leggings at BYU makes some female students want to wear them even more. With ridiculous restrictions like these, we might as well go back to the 80s when female students were required to wear dress pants or skirts. Or even more ridiculously, change our dress code to that of BYU-I’s. These are new times with new styles. Let’s stay up to date, BYU.

Sarah Patrick

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