Preparing students for professional life: Etiquette Dinner


The BYU Student Alumni Association offers students a chance to brush up on their etiquette skills to impress future employers through their annual etiquette dinner.

Nov. 7 will mark the eighth year of the etiquette dinner hosted by Student Alumni. The four-course meal and etiquette training is offered for only $10 per person. They will be serving garden salad, roast beef and chocolate mousse cake, among other things.

Nov. 7 marks the eighth annual etiquette dinner. Photo courtesy of Student Alumni
Nov. 7 marks the eighth annual etiquette dinner. (Photo courtesy BYU Student Alumni Association)

“The purpose is for students to sit down with professionals and learn how to best conduct themselves in a dinner setting,” said Brett Hill, vice president of programs for professional development in Student Alumni. “More importantly, they are seeing that BYU alumni are serving students by helping them in that process of professional development.”

“It is fun to have a fancy, classy meal, but it is also kind of funny,” said Brody Bushnell, a vice president in Student Alumni. “You are spending time with your friends and all dressed up nicely in a professional setting, but you also kind of just laugh as the guest speaker teaches you how to correctly conduct yourself.”

Students have been asked to dress in business attire.

According to the Student Alumni website, “For women, this means a business suit or pants suit, or dress (jacket preferred). For men, professional dress means a business suit or collared shirt.”

This attire helps set the tone as Ana King, director of human resource development at BYU and etiquette expert, addresses the audience about the proper etiquette for professional dining.

“Her address will explain how good manners means more than using the right fork,” said Shelly Jackson, a BYU student and program director for professional development in Student Alumni. “Some of the items she will discuss are how to work a room, dressing for the occasion, what to do in different dining settings, and of course how to properly eat your meal.”

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