Parents can help their children survive finals


Every year the Student Alumni Association sells finals survival kits that parents can purchase for their children to help alleviate the stress of finals.

Finals Survival Kits can help alleviate the stress of finals. Photo courtesy of Student Alumni
Finals Survival Kits can help alleviate the stress of finals. (Photo courtesy BYU Student Alumni Association)

Each kit includes a thermos, lip balm, a fleece blanket, pencils and pens, hot chocolate vouchers, snacks, a personal message from the student’s parent and other goodies.

“Although it might not seem like something that is very large,” said Colin Maxfield, the program director of the final survival kits, “the kits not only give the students things that will help them relieve stress and relax a little but they are also a great thing to remind the students that their parents (that probably live far away) are thinking about them and cheering them on.”

Student Alumni creates approximately 1,000 kits every year, which are purchased by parents or friends of BYU students.

“Parents can send a care package without taking the time to prepare the kit,” said Madylyn Thorn, a public relations major at BYU, and vice president of traditions in Student Alumni.

Students appreciate this kind gesture from their parents and friends.

“I received one and it was such a good feeling,” Maxfield said. “You always feel special when someone buys something for you, and that day when I came home to the kit in my apartment was great. It was a little boost to help me make it through that long week.”

Each kit is priced at $24.99 and there are three delivery options. Delivery to on-campus housing is free. A small extra charge is added if the parent would like the kit to be delivered off-campus. Of course, if the student would like to pick up the kit from Student Alumni, then no extra charge is added.

The way parents find out about how to purchase kits is through an email or a mailer, which is sent to all permanent addresses of BYU students. Additionally, this information can be found on the Student Alumni website and parents can order online.

Even though parents purchase the kits, many students are involved in creating a good experience for the students who receive the kits.

“I got to direct the photo shoot for our mailer and design the mailer which was fun and something that I have never done before,” said Emily Adawi, the communications director for the finals survival kits.

The Student Alumni organization personally assembles the kits. They get volunteers from BYUSA and other clubs to help. Student Alumni pays their club per hour for the service rendered, but they don’t pay individuals.

“I like being able to volunteer a little and help so many people receive the joy of getting one of these kits,” Maxfield said. “Also Student Alumni is a great place to learn and grow and I get to make so many memories with all of the staff and great volunteers.”

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