Patterned pants: A love-hate relationship

Everything from flowers to spots to stripes, patterned pants have become a trend on campus, and some students don’t quite know what to think. (Photo by Sarah Hill.)

With the rise of polka-dot, floral and animal print pants on campus, many BYU students have mixed feelings about the newfound trend.

Laura Shoemaker, a human development major from Mesa, Ariz., said she generally likes patterned pants, but her feelings of affection only go so far, depending on what pattern is chosen.

“It’s fun to have something different,” Shoemaker said. “But sometimes it’s either way over the top or it looks like you are wearing curtains on your pants.”

As the proud owner of a pair of floral pants, Shoemaker said they can be a fun way to be unique, as long as you use good judgement in the selection process.

“They stand out,” Shoemaker said. “And even though everyone has them, it’s a way that people feel individual.”

Not so in love with the new trend is Gary Fullmer, a facility properties management major from Pleasant Grove. He said he doesn’t mind all patterns, but absolutely hates floral print.

“Floral-patterned pants are awful,” Fullmer said. “Especially the ones that look like those 80s drapes off some hotel window.”

Fullmer said he appreciates other patterns like chevron or stripes because they look modern and he appreciates the change from one solid color in most jeans.

“I don’t know why anyone would wear floral print,” Fullmer said. “This is a mistake, America.”

On the other hand, Sarah Cummings, a freshman from Centerville, said she is having a love affair with patterned pants.

“I love them,” Cummings said with excitedly. “They are my favorite because it’s a good way to spice up your wardrobe and reflect your personality.”

When asked why she thought patterned pants were on the rise of popularity, Cummings said standing out is a rising trend.

“I think they’re becoming more popular because bold statements are kind of the new thing,” Cummings said. “And because people are sick of blue jeans.”

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