The Left Field brings laughs to BYU on Friday


The Left Field, a stand-up comedy group comprising five BYU grads, will take the stage on Friday night for two shows at The Wall.

Stephen Jones, the actor from BYU’s New Spice video, will host and perform at the comedy night. Each of the other four members of The Left Field will perform their own stand-up comedy acts.

Aaron Woodall performs with The Left Field at a summer 2013 performance at The Wall. Photo courtesy Aaron Woodall.
Aaron Woodall performs with The Left Field at a summer 2013 performance at The Wall. (Photo courtesy Aaron Woodall)

“Throw out all your corny Mormon joke expectations and you can be assured that you will get an actual night of good comedy,” Jones said.

Aaron Woodall, performer for The Left Field, said  they aim to create jokes and performances that aren’t funny only for BYU or LDS audiences.

“We pride ourselves on writing jokes that are more accessible to a broader audience,” Woodall said. “We have some really witty and smart comedians who can turn everyday, mundane topics on their heads. People who come on Friday can expect to hear jokes about things like working out, Harry Potter and the government shutdown.”

Each performer for the show has extensive experience with stand-up comedy, Jones said.

“People think that Mormons can’t be funny, but here’s a group of LDS kids who are actually funny,” Jones said. “I can promise that visitors will be pleasantly surprised. I’ve been with these guys for five years, and the level of comedy we have is as good as it gets in Utah Valley.”

Jones and Woodall both agree that The Wall provides a comedy club atmosphere for their performances.

Students enjoy The Left Field's performance at The Wall over the summer. Photo courtesy Aaron Woodall.
Students enjoy The Left Field’s performance at The Wall over the summer. (Photo courtesy Aaron Woodall)

“It feels like a sports bar, but there’s no bar!” Jones said. “The Wall is more like a real comedy club. There’s quality entertainment, good food and a great atmosphere for clean comedy.”

The Wall will be offering a dinner deal on Friday night as well.

“We will be doing a dinner-for-two deal,” said Sterling May, manager of The Wall. “Two entrées and two drinks for $12, and that includes fries.”

Tickets for The Left Field’s performance are $5 at the door or at the Wilkinson Student Center Info Desk. Their performances start at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Friday.

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