Utah governor outlines new plan at Utah Water Summit

The Utah Water Summit was held to discuss plans to ensure the security of Utah’s water supply. (Photo courtesy of utahswater.org)

Utah Governor Gary Herbert discussed steps Utah will take in developing a 50-year water plan at the Utah Water Summit held on Wednesday morning.

Herbert stressed the importance of water conservation, maintenance, planning and innovation in order to ensure the security of the water supply as Utah’s population increases during his address in the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo.

“With Utah’s rapid growth, drought will be a very serious issue in the future — we must plan today for the Utah of tomorrow,” Herbert tweeted.

The 50-year water plan outlined during the Summit includes an aggressive conservation goal of  a 25 percent- per-capita reduction in water use by the year 2025.

“Most of our water challenges will come long after I’m gone. But we can’t limit our vision and efforts to the present,” Herbert tweeted.

Herbert has appointed a State Water Plan advisory team to develop strategies that will help meet the current and future needs of Utah residents while minimizing cost and protecting the environment.

More information can be found at utahswater.org.

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