Tinder dating


Upon reading the recent Universe article on meeting people through Tinder, I couldn’t help but gasp at how incredible it seems that technology has affected our society in such a way as to meeting our future soul mates. Of course, only the lucky ones are able to meet their loved one in such a dating app. As a matter of fact, one of my best friends is getting married next March after meeting her fiancé on Zoosk. Just like any Tinder love story, she found the man of her dreams by liking his picture. It was love at first sight.

While there are couples who meet their significant others by such means, not everyone is as lucky. Personally, I have had very bad luck with dating apps. My first interaction with Tinder happened a couple weeks ago when one of my friends downloaded the app on my phone without my consent. Needless to say, it’s easy to get wrapped up in swiping left and right in search of Mr. Right.

However, when dealing with dating apps one has to be cautious of the Mr. Right-Nows — guys using Tinder for instant hook-ups and disguising it as a way to “hangout.” Great was my disappointment when my first date set up through Tinder resulted in a situation that goes beyond the word sketchy. While dating apps can be fun there should always be a sense of alertness to avoid undesired situations.

Daniela Saavedra

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