Three new BYU Bookstore promos


The BYU Bookstore not only provides school supplies for students but seeks to create unity between all aspects of the university community through various promotions and money-saving services.

Halloween Costume Contest on Facebook

The BYU Bookstore is holding a Halloween costume contest that invites all princesses, superheroes and mythical creatures to show their true colors. Anyone can submit their best costume photos until Oct. 30 as well as vote for their favorites once per day starting on Oct. 24. The person with the most-voted photo will be awarded a “Collector Series” football autographed by BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall followed by the second prize winner who will receive a digital camera, according to the official contest page.

Chris Layton, BYU Bookstore marketing specialist, says this contest allows the Bookstore to reach out to their customers on a creative level.

Banner for Facebook contest. Courtesy Bookstore Marketing.
The winner of the Bookstore’s Halloween costume contest will receive a collector series football. Courtesy BYU Bookstore Marketing

“We already have an employee costume contest that we do every year, but we wanted to expand it to our customers as well,” said Layton, also a BYU student from Ohio majoring in management. “We like when we can interact with our customers. We just really like to have fun with people and make sure that they have a fun time with the Bookstore too.”

The Bookstore reserves the right to remove any photo they deem inappropriate.

“No masks or cross-dressing and no purchase is necessary,” Layton said. “We are accepting photoshopped pictures, which will (make this contest) a little more interesting. If you want to Photoshop Godzilla in there you can do that.”

Allanah Osborn, BYU Bookstore marketing specialist, hopes that people will be excited to participate and be motivated do to so by the prizes.

“I’m really excited about the costume contest,” Osborn said. “I think it’s going to be very good for the Bookstore and I hope that a lot of people participate. We are going to have a cool prize so hopefully that will encourage people to participate.”

For more information, check out the BYU Bookstore Facebook page.

Where is it Wednesday

Where is it Wednesday is a scavenger hunt held every week; a golden ticket is hidden somewhere in the Bookstore. The general location is announced through the Bookstore’s main social media channels and helps students earn free chocolate.

“We hide a golden ticket somewhere in the Bookstore near a promotion,” said Osborn, also a BYU student from Australia majoring in English. “We post it on Instagram first and then on Facebook and Twitter.”

According to Layton, whoever finds the ticket first has to take it to the customer service desk on the third floor of the Bookstore to retrieve their choice of a free king-size chocolate bar. The ticket is typically found within the first 15 to 20 minutes after a photo is posted on their various social media sites.

Golden ticket for Where is it Wednesday. Courtesy BYU Bookstore Marketing.
Winners of Where is it Wednesday receive a free, king-sized candy bar from the Bookstore. Courtesy BYU Bookstore Marketing

The BYU Bookstore provides services and promotions that many customers aren’t aware of that are highlighted every week for Where is it Wednesday. A few of these services include a Mac repair center and inkjet refills, according to Layton.

Layton relates the excitement of finding a golden ticket around the Bookstore to that of knowing the answer to a trivia question.

“It’s like whenever you see a trivia question and you get excited when you know what the answer is,” Layton said. “Or when you are in the movie theater and they ask, ‘Who is the main actor in this movie?’ It’s kind of the same idea.”

Where is it Wednesday was created and initiated during the summer of 2013. The promo was put on hold at the beginning of fall semester and will be reintroduced on Oct. 16.

Underground “Live the Code” T-shirt Promo

Depiction of Live the Code t-shirt. Courtesy Bookstore Marketing.
Students can get prizes and discounts if they receive and wear a Live the Code T-shirt. Courtesy BYU Bookstore Marketing

The Bookstore is conducting an experimental promotion where employees hand out free T-shirts at random times of the week, which lead to even further prizes and discounts if the shirts are worn at the Bookstore on specified days. The specially designed shirts say, “Live by the Code,” with a nautical pirate ship and have a barcode on the sleeve that could lead to special discounts.

“It’s an experiment right now to see if people would participate or not if we ran this as a full promotion,” Layton said. “The idea is to engage better with our customers.”

The BYU Bookstore Facebook page will announce the days that people can go into the store wearing the “Live by the Code” T-shirt and ask a cougar employee for their code surprise.

In the past, the Bookstore has handed out free foam Cougar claws that can be worn at sporting events. The prizes and discounts could potentially expand to other places on campus if people were to get excited about the promotion.

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