Second block of intramural sports to start October 22


Second block sports such as 3-on-3 basketball and co-ed volleyball will start October 22 giving participants another shot at the coveted intramural t-shirt.

“I’m playing for fun and get better as I go,” said Justin Green, 25, who plays for the Robots, upper-division men’s 3-on-3 team formerly known as Northwest.

With over 12,000 participants, the BYU Intramural program provides students and faculty alike an opportunity to play various sports ranging from flag football to soccer.

Activities are “selected on the basis of their contribution to the development of the whole individual; physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually,” according the BYU Intramural website.

Green, a senior majoring in public relations, and his team will be seeking for a championship repeat.

“We got bumped up and didn’t do too bad,” Green, of Vancouver, Wash., said of his team being moved up to upper-division after an undefeated regular season.

Green and his team won the upper-division 3-on-3 basketball championship then went on to win the 5-on-5 upper-division championship in Winter 2013.

After finishing with a respectable upper-division women’s volleyball season, Gabrielle Grimmer, 23, and her team, Scared Hitless, may have a shot to win their second co-ed middle-division volleyball championship.

“I’m really not expecting us to be really good. Just decent,” said Grimmer of Dublin, Calif.

Grimmer, who is in the exercise science master’s program, will be playing with many of the same teammates she won the middle-division championship including her husband, Jordan Grimmer.

Both Green and Grimmer have put together their teams through networking and playing pickup basketball and volleyball respectively in the Richards Building.

“I just play volleyball and a lot and meet people in the RB,” said Grimmer. “That’s basically how I make my friends and keep my friends.”

Approaching this upcoming season is met reserved anticipation to have another great season.

“I want us to do well but I don’t want to assume that we are going to win just because we won last year,” said Green of the fall 2013 season. “When it happened, it was so unexpected.”

Although he has another shot at the coveted championship T-shirt, Green strives to remember the bigger picture of BYU intramural activities.

“Looking back, it’s nice that we won but just enjoy it,” said Green of participating in intramural activities. “Enjoy your friends. It’s so much more fun to enjoy it.”

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