Scripture mastery changes to support new curriculum


Seminary students learn the gospel of Jesus Christ by studying the scriptures. (Photo by
The Church Educational System has made several significant changes in the last year, including new Sunday School manuals and changes to the seminary scripture mastery verses.

In an effort to align the scripture mastery verses with the nine new doctrinal principles outlined in the new manual “Come Follow Me,” the Church has changed 34 of the 100 scriptures on the list.

“The passages that have been eliminated are all wonderful, powerful scriptures that should be studied, enjoyed and appreciated,” Chad Webb told the Deseret News. Webb is the administrator of seminaries and institutes of religion for the Church. “We made the changes in an attempt to align our scripture mastery scriptures more closely with the new youth curriculum.”

Students in high school study scripture mastery verses to prepare them to answer questions about the Church and also to strengthen their personal testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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