Army ROTC alumnus honored at Homecoming game

Brigadier General David B. Haight will be honored as part of the BYU's homecoming week activities.
Brigadier General David B. Haight was honored as part of the BYU’s Homecoming week activities. (Photo courtesy Haight family)

BYU honored an alumnus of the BYU Army ROTC program as the “George Q. Cannon honoree,” as part of the Homecoming parade and pregame activities on Saturday.

Brigadier General David B. Haight is the highest ranking alumnus of the BYU Army ROTC program.

He is an American hero, according to Lieutenant Colonel Marc “Dewey” Boberg, the chair of BYU’s Department of Military Science.

Haight is currently serving on active duty as the commandant, or individual in charge, of the U.S. Army Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia.

“He is famous,” said Cadet Jon Selee, a junior majoring in political science. “He is a hometown boy, coming out of this program, and he is accomplished all around world. People will know that we are coming from BYU, and his successes reflect well on this entire program.”

Haight, a highly decorated officer, has commanded troops through the most dangerous parts of Afghanistan and Iraq. He has led both light infantry and airborne ranger units, commanding companies, battalions and even an entire brigade, according to his online biography.

“He is very focused on leadership and improving everyone around him,” Selee said. “(He has) a direct and commanding presence but (is) still very relatable as a soldier.”

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