Conference Monday


It’s Saturday afternoon, and 15 million Church members worldwide are listening to the earth-shaking testimonies of LDS leaders. Among these millions are a chorus of nail-biting LDS college students wondering how to get the most out of the words of the prophets as they worry about finishing their weekend loads of homework and studying for midterms.

The way to ease these troubled minds is to give them an after-Conference holiday, here proclaimed as Conference Monday.

Creating Conference Monday as a break after General Conference would benefit college students and teachers at BYU and at campuses around the world. Canceling classes the Monday after Conference would allow students an extra 24 hours to complete assignments given by their teachers for this already jam-packed weekend.

With this extra time, students would be less stressed about completing assignments and more concerned with listening intently to the messages of Conference. This holiday would also encourage missionary opportunities across the nation. College students everywhere would be curious as to the cause for their extended weekends and would be more likely to watch Conference with their friends while planning study sessions for Monday.

Students could definitely thrive in their midterm exams with extra time to study both spiritually and temporally over Conference weekend.

I think Conference Monday would be a holiday appreciated by all LDS students and would relieve much of the pressure that should not be obstructing the special events of Conference.

Lauran Hirschi
Marion, Ill.

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