McKay School of Education alumni gathering: A growing family tradition


A simple college tailgate party honoring alumni from the McKay School of Education has grown into a homecoming pre-game tradition for some families.

They had games including fishing to keep the little kids entertained.
The event included games like fishing to keep the children of alumni entertained. (Photo by Ari Davis)

The lunch took place on Saturday afternoon, outside the BYU conference center. The McKay School awarded raffle prizes to alumni and their families, and to document the event, a photographer was available at the lunch to take portraits of the guests.

“Many families came up to me and told me that this event has become their family’s homecoming tradition,” said Shauna Valentine, the coordinator of the Alumni Homecoming Gathering and college director of the McKay School of Education.

According to Valentine, the weather this year was the best it has been in the past five or six years that the event has taken place. This weather allowed for games to be played on the grassy field in front of the conference center. The children stayed entertained with games like ring toss, egg relay, bean bag toss, fishing and more.

“I was surprised by how many families and kids were at the event. I thought it was great that they decided not only to cater the event to alumni, but also to their families,” said Robbie Jenkins, the public relations alumni assistant for the event.

McKay School of Education Alumni gather for the homecoming lunch on the patio of the BYU Conference Center.
McKay School of Education alumni gather for the homecoming lunch on the patio of the BYU conference center. (Photo by Ari Davis)

Families were not the only people who attended the gathering. Couples who have since retired were also present.

“We come every year, and we love it. … Students that my husband taught come over and say hi because they remember him,” said Lois Squires, whose husband, David Squires, is a former teacher for the McKay School of Education.

The homecoming gathering brought in an enthusiastic crowd of all ages and brought people back to the old stomping grounds.

“I love seeing the smile(s) on people’s faces when they connect and talk over past memories,” Valentine said. “Additionally, it is fun to see the kids engaged and involved. I see children and parents establishing new relationships and reestablishing the old. The relationship is what college is all about.”


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