Students have variety of travel options


BYU students have many options to travel across counties or out of state as commuting options expand.

Between the inter-city train system and Allegient Airlines there are affordable options for a quick commute in Provo.

In just over a decade the mass transit system in Utah has been streamlined. Students now have the option to travel from the Provo campus to Salt Lake for the extended campus and work.

Senior Kaytlyn Monsivais uses the Frontrunner train at least four times a week to go to work Salt Lake from Provo.

“The train is great because it’s cheaper, it gives me time to study and keeps me off the road during traffic,” Monsivais said.

Many choose to use the train system to reach downtown Salt Lake City. Once students arrive the city, using the Trax system helps them avoid traffic and travel directly to their destinations.

Students ride the Frontrunner train from Provo to Salt Lake City
Students ride the Frontrunner train from Provo to Salt Lake City.

In addition to the students traveling in the state, many also travel home to enjoy the weekend with their family. As the holidays near, commuters look for affordable plane tickets. One of their newer flying options is Alligient airlines out of the Provo Airport.

Allegient recently added Los Angeles as the third destination that Utahns can fly direct in addition to Phoenix and Oakland.

Allegient also offers many other destinations including Hawaii, Myrtle Beach and Orlando.

Low pricing is a trademark of Allegient, which makes the airline ideal for BYU students. Brittany Banters, an Allegient media relations specialist, said the company has been expanding at a steady pace.

“We operate quite differently than other airlines,” Banters said. “We are constantly paying attention to costs.”

Student Julene Johnson is joining those traveling home for conference. She has flown several different airlines to avoid the long drive to Californina.

“Allegient is great because you can fly direct,” Johnson said.

Commuting options continue to expand to keep up with the demands of both students and resident travelers. There are many different ways for students to get to where they want to be.

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