BYU Spectacular to honor Homecoming theme of ‘A Season for Courage’


Some of BYU’s finest student performers take to the stage tonight in celebration of Homecoming week.

The BYU Spectacular, which runs this Thursday and Friday night, will celebrate this year’s Homecoming theme “A Season for Courage.”

“With two-minute videos we will illustrate courage in everyday lives,” said Janielle Christensen, artistic director for the event. “We have examined the lives of several of our alums and have seen how they have overcome challenges and adversity to follow their dreams and achieve great success.”

The Spectacular is a talent showcase of some of BYU’s finest student performers and a rising guest vocalist, Nathan Pacheco, who sang at BYU as a student. The Spectacular will also include several members of the BYU family, past and present, who embody courage in their lives.

While this year’s show ultimately received its inspiration from George Brimhall, a former BYU president being honored this Homecoming week, other stories of prominent BYU alumni who have demonstrated courage in their lives. The show will look into the lives of athletes, singers, a General Authority and Pacheco.

Nathan Pacheco, a BYU alum, will headline the Spectacular. (Photo Courtesy Charlene Winters)

The Cougarettes are one of several performing groups preparing for the show, and are hard at work practicing two dance numbers. They will perform their winning nationals number from last year to “I Surrender,” and are also performing with the BYU Women’s Chorus to “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing.”

“While our entire lineup excites me, I am especially intrigued that the Women’s Chorus and Cougarettes both came up with the same idea independent of each other,” Christensen said. “Both wanted to do ‘Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing’ as a collaboration, and the result is a beautiful, lyrical work.”

Women’s Chorus has also dutifully prepared for the Spectacular.

“We are rehearsing hard everyday, making sure we stay in tune while also concentrating on the feeling and meaning of the music,” said Ashley North, a freshman linguistics major from Mesa, Ariz. “I’m  most excited for our performance of ‘Come, Thou Fount’ with the Cougarettes. I think the combination of two artistic worlds will turn out to be really beautiful and unifying.”

Pacheco will headline for the night and introduce the theme of “A Season for Courage.”

“With Nathan, you’ve got a young man with a truly outstanding voice,” said Michael Handley, producer for the Spectacular. “When he performed for Pioneer Day and for Music and the Spoken Word earlier this summer, audiences loved him and his music. He is also one of the nicest persons you would ever meet. Prepare to be excited.”

The Spectacular will take place Thursday and Friday, Oct. 10-11, at 7:30 p.m. in the Marriott Center. Students tickets are available for $10, and other ticket prices range from $14 to $25.

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