BYU homecoming 2013 opening ceremonies: A season for courage


George H. Brimhall’s legacy of courage carried the laughter, thought and celebration for Tuesday’s homecoming assembly in the Marriott Center.

Students and alumni alike gathered to honor President Brimhall and celebrate the spirit of the Y amidst marching band music and approving laughter. Attendees were entertained by a variety of acts from their own campus including Young Ambassadors and BYU comedy group Studio C.

The comedy group did a skit with special guest Bronco Mendenhall, BYU head football coach. Following the skit, Mendenhall made some unscripted remarks regarding the football game on Saturday against Georgia Tech that will culminate this week’s homecoming spirit at the game.

Bronco Mendenhall, joined by the crowd favorite shoulder angel, performed a skit written by Studio C at Tuesday's homecoming opening ceremonies.
Bronco Mendenhall, joined by the crowd favorite shoulder angel, performed a skit written by Studio C at Tuesday’s homecoming opening ceremonies. (Photo by Samantha Paskins)

“We want to thank the student section,” Mendenhall said. “You’re changing LaVell Edwards Stadium and the team.”

This year’s homecoming theme honored the fourth president of BYU, George H. Brimhall. A film titled “Season for Courage” explored the courage illustrated by Brimhall when many of the professors and students on campus decided that religion was outdated.

Brimhall told the teachers they could change their curriculum or be dismissed. Many professors left, but Brimhall stood firm, even though he stood alone amidst enormous opposition. His legacy was one of courage so students at BYU could seek an education by study and also by faith.

BYUSA student body officer Brandon Beck remarked about the life of President Brimhall and how students continue to need the same courage Brimhall displayed in his life.

“It takes courage to confront the daily challenges of life … as well as to withstand attacks on our eternal virtues,” Beck said.

Each year during homecoming, one student is chosen as a recipient of a cash prize for writing a winning essay based on the year’s homecoming theme. This year Megan Armknect, an English major, won first place with her essay titled “Courage, Faith and George H. Brimhall’s Vision for BYU.”

Megan Armknecht shares her winning essay entitled "Courage, Faith and George H. Brimhall's Vision for BYU".
Megan Armknect shares her winning essay entitled “Courage, Faith and George H. Brimhall’s Vision for BYU.” (Photo by Samantha Paskins)

“The spirit of the Y is not a ghost; we are living Brimhall’s dream,” Armknect said. “Today is our season for courage.”

President and Sister Samuelson also spoke at the assembly of their excitement for the week’s festivities. Sister Samuelson referred to the week as a way to practice the optimism and humor she spoke of during this semester’s first devotional.

“She and I couldn’t be more enthused with the activities that have been planned for you this week, and we encourage you to participate in as many events as you can,” President Samuelson said.

Studio C’s Jeremy Warner shared the week’s events, which can be found posted around campus. He encouraged students to post pictures of engagements that come as a result of this week’s homecoming events using the hashtag #byuhomecominglove2013.


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