The disadvantage of technology


It would seem as technology advances, the more control we would have over our lives. But in reality, the opposite is true.

Checking your phone or logging onto Facebook is something many of us do before even getting out of bed. My generation has seen how technology has changed in recent years, and we’ve had to mold to this new lifestyle; but what about generations to follow?

These young kids are born into this lifestyle, yet they can’t see how it is a huge disadvantage. While hiding behind a screen, kids can post hateful comments on Youtube and break up over text messages, all without confronting the other person.

My siblings “hang out” with friends, only to play a computer game for hours. I watch my little nephews waste entire days on iPads or watching television.

What happened to playing outside, making up stories and stretching your imagination? Technology is beginning to drown us, and it makes me worried for the next generation’s job skills, relationships and creativity.

We need to find a way to control ourselves before technology does. Turn off the screens, get outside and live in the moment.

Erika Nelson
Salt Lake City

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