Rooftop Concert Series has big effect on downtown Provo

Rooftop concert photo
Family enjoying treats at the Rooftop Concert

On the first Friday of every month between May and October, downtown Provo comes alive with talented artists, up-and-coming bands and a variety of local eateries. Masses of excited people make the pilgrimage to Center Street for the events surrounding the free Rooftop Concert Series, and local business owners are seeing the results. By embracing the Rooftop Concert Series in downtown Provo, businesses are experiencing an increase in sales and recognition.

“We make bank that night,” said Mandy Call, co-manager of Sammy’s. “It’s always busy here, but that night it’s crazy.”

Sammy’s is one of the sponsors of the Rooftop Concert Series, and because of its prime location near the concert the establishment sees a dramatic increase in business. The restaurant typically needs between three and four people to run the restaurant, but on concert night they double their staff, said Call.

Other restaurants on Center Street have also seen an increase in business because of the monthly shows, not just on the night of the concert but during the week as well.

“It’s been nice to see people at the shows who come in later during the week,” said Leann Chacon, owner of Two Jack’s Pizza.

Chacon, who owns Two Jack’s Pizza with her husband, said she is grateful for the exposure they get from selling food at the show. For the past two years, they have tried to give back by helping feed the volunteers who help set up for the concert.

“They don’t ask for anything,” Chacon said, “so we like to help them out however we can.”

The Rooftop Concert Series started four years ago as part of a plan to bring people to downtown Provo.

“It’s just four of us saying, ‘Let’s do a concert series’ and thousands of people show up,” said concert organizer Justin Hackworth. “It has engendered this community pride that Provo is a cool place to be.”

Hackworth, along with Sarah Wiley, Courtney Kendrick and Mindy Gledhill, founded the concert series and continues to play an active role in the event.

“We wanted to be able to parley the concert series with things that are already happening,” Hackworth said.

Along with the Rooftop Concert Series, the monthly gallery stroll on Center Street and the concerts at The Velour and Muse Music, featuring bands who perform at the Rooftop Concerts, are part of events that continue to bring people downtown.

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