Persian renewal of vows for LDS newlyweds

Students celebrate the renewal of their classmates' wedding vows. Photo by Samantha Williams.
Students learn through experience how a Persian wedding occurs. (Photo by Samantha Williams)

A young BYU couple renewed their wedding vows through replicating a Persian wedding ceremony in class Friday.

The ceremony occurred to help students studying Persian see what the wedding ceremony looks like. Amanda Knapp, a member of the class, volunteered herself and her husband to “renew their vows” through the experience.

“Make sure that people know we really do value our temple covenants,” Knapp said with a smile.

Celebrations included pizza, a wedding cake and an instruction and demonstration of what a typical ceremony would be like. The class also enjoyed professionally made Persian wedding videos from YouTube.

Hooshang Farahnakian teaches the class together with his wife Mary.He conducted the ceremony, speaking Persian, and translated the wording of the ritual into English. He referred to the bride as “the pretty flower in the rose garden of love.”

His advice to the “newlywed” couple was sincere and heartfelt:

“Even in the hardest time of life, live together and love each other,” said Farahnakian.

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