Hunt for the shirt continues with intramural volleyball playoffs


Approaching her last intramural volleyball season, Hayley Huntsman has one more shot to win a BYU intramural volleyball championship.

“It’s down to the wire,” said Huntsman, a senior from highland will graduate with a degree in exercise science in April. “If I don’t win, I’m gonna be mad.”

Huntsman lines up at middle for Team Meow, the number one seed in the upper division women’s bracket.

BYU intramural volleyball playoffs feature a double elimination bracket where teams that have lost in the first round still have a shot to win the championship.

“Our record is 5-1. We lost our first playoff game in two sets,” said Nick Tiafala, who plays middle for upper division men’s team Mitsuken Chicken.

Mitsuken Chicken still has a shot at the title if they win every game from this point on.

“I’m usually very optimistic,” Tiafala, a pyschology major, said of his approach toward the regular season and playoffs. “We just need better hitting and passing.”

Intramural tournament rankings are determined by officials who rate teams based on how well a team performs in areas such as hitting, passing and serving.

Huntsman and her team focused on playing well during the regular season in order to gain an edge in the playoffs.

“We wanted to get a high seed so we wouldn’t have to play a first game,” Hunstman said.

“I just want to play a clean game,” Huntsman said of her postseason hopes. “Just have fun because intramurals are supposed to be fun.”

Regular season and postseason schedules for all intramural teams are available on






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