GEs are a waste


College is supposed to help us to pick one subject to major and succeed in; however, general education courses are required. General education courses should either not be so difficult or not be made mandatory because they waste time and money.

A senior passionate about English doesn’t need to know how to calculate limits of a line. But she, like many others, is trying to fulfill GE courses.

Taking a class outside our major that might not interest us could cause our grades to suffer. We could fail due to the difficulty levels of some GE classes. Receiving a low grade or failing further indicates why general education courses waste our money — a limited resource for college students.

By doing poorly in a difficult subject, time and energy goes down the drain. If that class is required, we’ll have to waste more money retaking it.

If GE classes have to be required, I think they should be more informative and relaxed. Intense loads of work should not be necessary; we should have a higher focus on learning the basics. However, by requiring students to take these difficult classes, stress levels rise and we are not able to perform to our best abilities.

These general education courses are a part of the “college experience,” but I suggest that we compromise. The general education courses are a great way for undecided majors to choose from the options we are given. However, for those who know their interest, these courses shouldn’t be mandatory. Education is great. But students should spend their time pursuing their passions.

Tara Alano

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