BYU bucket list: Must-take classes


In between completing major classes and G.E. requirements, BYU students can take advantage of a wide variety of interesting classes to round out their schedules.

BYU students past and present suggested several classes that should be on every BYU student’s pre-graduation bucket list, and that they can keep in mind as winter registration dates are just a few weeks away.

Students said it is a good idea to take classes that offer technical skills, spiritual guidance and a fun environment, including classes like floral design, beginning clothing construction, food preparation, beginning piano and sports and dance classes.

Danielle Hanson Curtis, a senior studying communication disorders, said Food Preparation in the Home (SFL 110) is one of her favorite classes.

“You make and eat delicious food for three hours a week. … What could be better?” Curtis said.

Kate Ashcroft, a BYU graduate from the School of Family and Life Sciences, said the beginning clothing construction class is hard, but worth it and establishes a great foundation.

While students are required to take 12 religion credits to graduate, there are some classes outside of the religion department that students said spiritual insights.

Emily Buhler Loveless, a BYU psychology graduate, said one of her top bucket-list suggestions is a psychology class that pertain to all members of the Church.

“Psych 353 highlights how the discipline of psychology, as it stands, departs from the values of the gospel and basic truths that we all hold,” Loveless said. “It’s a wonderful class for anyone because the teacher applies this to the schism between the gospel and the scholastic/scientific world that we are living in.”

Within the religion credits, past and present students also suggest classes such as World Religions, Teachings of the Living Prophets and Joseph Smith and the Restoration.

“I took a few extras to get enough credit for my scholarship. World Religions was one of those classes, and I loved it,” said Brandi Klingler, a BYU nursing graduate. “This class is a way to get exposed to other cultures and ways of thinking. It has helped me have a better appreciation for others not of our faith and find some common ground (with them). I think it is a great aid for those who really want to share the gospel with others.”

Other students suggested included ice skating, basketball and a flexibility classes.

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