Rooftop Concert Series takes shelter

provo rooftop aftermath
Spectators hurriedly gather their things and prepare to take shelter from the oncoming storm that hit the Rooftop Concert Series on July 5. (Photo by Colin Holmes)

Local artists are taking shelter as the monthly Rooftop Concert Series will be moved to Marriott Hotel Ballroom due to inclement weather expected to roll in on Friday night.

The Rooftop Concert Series draws thousands of spectators each month to enjoy a night of music and entertainment by both local artists and nationally renowned acts. It is usually located on top of the parking structure across from Sammy’s, but the official concert series website has announced they will be holding the Oct. 4 show indoors.

The new location will be at 101 W. 100 North in the Marriott Hotel Ballroom. Tonight’s acts include folk/America group The Lower Lights and indie folk-rock band Parlor Hawk, who recently played a sold-out show at the Velour.

This is the fourth year that The Lower Lights will be closing out the season of the Rooftop Concert Series.

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