HBLL upgrades and swaps for the Fall 2013 semester


The HBLL upgraded its Sampler section to the second floor and opened a new Writing and Research Center combo in the old space.

Roger Layton, communications manager for the HBLL, explained the renovations.

“As we made changes to the Periodicals Room, the library wanted to create a comfortable lounge area for reading,” said Layton.

Layton also said that in the previous location old Sampler books had to be weeded out in order to make room for new ones.

“The Sampler Collection is the more popular set of books in the library … the old location was a problem … we knew that the collection could grow and moving it into the Reading Room would not only give it room, it would give readers more space to read,” said Layton.

Once the Sampler Collection moved, the HBLL began accepting proposals for the vacant space.

Kimball Benson, the freshmen program manager, helped found the idea for the expanded Research and Writing Center, said Layton.

Benson said that the research half of the Center will provide student research consultants to help students get started on research for a paper or will help students locate subject librarians as needed.

Benson will be teaming with the Writing Center to offer services to students in the old Sampler area.

The Writing Center’s mission is to help students become more effective writers and will have a satellite service available in the Research and Writing Center with one to two tutors.

The new Research and Writing Center hopes to act as “one-stop help” for students and welcomes walk-ins.


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