Police Beat: Oct 1.



Sept. 21 – An underaged individual was found in possession of alcohol near LaVell Edwards Stadium during the BYU football game. The individual was cited.

Sept. 21 – During a BYU football game, police responded to a report of a group of intoxicated individuals near the stadium. No one was found upon arrival.

Sept. 21 – University Police responded to a report of an intoxicated individual, who was ill, near the stadium during the BYU football game. When police arrived, friends had already escorted the individual off the premises.


Sept. 21 – An individual was discovered in a secure location. The individual was cited and escorted from LaVell Edwards Stadium.


Sept. 20 – An individual filed a report near the Missionary Training Center that they were being continually stalked by another individual on the computer. An investigation is ongoing.


Sept. 21 – University Police responded to an report that a group of individuals were causing problems near LaVell Edward Stsdium. No one was found when police arrived.

Sept. 21 – Individuals were reported as being disruptive during the BYU football game at the stadium. They were ejected from the area.

Sept. 21 – Police responded to a report of an individuals being vulgar near LaVell Edwards Stadium. They were escorted out of the area.


Sept. 21 — An individual reported that a hat was stolen at the stadium. An investigation is ongoing.

Sept. 21 — University Police responded to a report of retail theft at LaVell Edwards Stadium. An individual was located, cited and escorted from the area.

Sept. 23 — An identification card was stolen from a secured location at the Carl F. Eyring Science Center. Police are continuing their investigation.

Sept. 23— Multiple office chairs were taken from the George Albert Smith Fieldhouse. An investigation is ongoing.


Sept. 20 – Provo Police reported that detectives from the Sex Crime Unit had arrested a man accused of rape, unlawful sex with a minor and unlawful possession of another’s identification. A 14-year-old female reported the man had courted her over Facebook, requested a meeting in person and then raped her.

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