Utah Postal Customer Council named top in the nation


The Utah Postal Customer Council was named first in the nation for 2013 for its progressive programs.

The council works directly with businesses and organizations to meet their postal needs.

An awards ceremony luncheon was held in Salt Lake City during National Postal Customer Council week Sept. 23–27. Tom Roylance, assistant director of print and mail production, has served on the council for almost 20 years.

“The council works hard to identify weakness and where we can strengthen,” Roylance said. “We reach out to businesses to help them take advantage of postal discounts and more.”

Roylance works directly with the BYU post office. University post offices have unique needs that the Postal Customer Council works hard to represent.

“Universities are different. They deal with both international and local mail,” Roylance said. “We are like mini-postal services here on campus where we accept, sort and process mail.”

The Utah Postal Customer Council won the award for its work in helping organizations like the BYU post office in providing training and advocating with the national council. The Utah Council helps the BYU post office take advantage of discounts and programs that in turn help students.

The BYU post office was closed over the summer because of the construction on the new Student Wilkinson Center parking lot. They are now open again with new paint, new PO boxes, and full mail services available under the direction of supervisor Ric Wilcox.

“We are happy to be here and happy to be represented by the Utah Customer Council,” Wilcox said.

The BYU post office is located in the basement of the Student Wilkinson Center and is available for across-campus delivery and normal international post.

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