Campus event targets women considering law school


The Women in Law Committee of the J. Reuben Clark Law School will be sponsoring an event on Thursday, Oct. 3, aimed toward women considering a future in law.

The event will take place at 7 p.m. in room 3228 of the Wilkinson Student Center and aims to answer a common question for undergraduates: “Is law school right for me?”

Organizers say their goal is for women who are thinking about going to law school, women who are planning to go to law school or women who may even consider the possibility of law school to attend the meeting. Men are invited as well, but the meeting is focused toward women.

“We have a panel of three excellent speakers, each of whom will develop our theme of ‘Law School and Beyond’ by discussing the many and diverse opportunities that can come to a woman with a law degree,” said Deborah Hendrickson, vice-chair of the Women in Law Committee. “They will include their personal journey and experiences.”

Hendrickson strongly encouraged all female students who are thinking about law school to attend.

“You will be able to listen to the personal experiences and insights of women who made the decision to get a law degree and then followed different opportunities that presented themselves as a result,” said Hendrickson. “You will also be able to ask your individual questions of the speakers during our question and answer session.”

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