UVU opening new Wee Care Center


UVU will be opening an expanded childcare facility on its campus in Orem on Friday, Sept. 27 at 2 p.m. to better serve the needs of students with children.

The Wee Care Center, a child care center for UVU students with children, was founded in 2001. All UVU students can apply for their children to be enrolled at the Wee Care Center. Students’ needs exceeded the original building’s service capacity. In March 2012 a fundraising campaign for a new, larger building was started.

“This expansion to the Wee Care Center shows UVU’s commitment to encourage higher education for all,” UVU President Matthew Holland said in a prepared statement Sept. 25.

The Wee Care Center increases educational opportunities for women. This helps solve the issue that Utah has fewer opportunities for mothers to receive a higher education than other states because of a lack of affordable and reliable child care.

The new building increased square footage per child by 10 square feet, raising the service capacity to about 120 children. The building has eight classrooms, a kitchen, multipurpose area, offices, and two playgrounds.

“The Wee Care Center has undoubtedly been a life-saving resource for my family,” said Jessica Steele, UVU graduate, in a press release.


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