Parents come together with students at Parents Weekend 2013


The BYU Alumni Association is hosting Parents Weekend, which invites hundreds of students and their parents to have the ultimate cougar experience from Sept. 27 to 30.

Curtis Isaak, BYU’s alumni services coordinator, said that Parents Weekend allows students and their families to experience the university’s traditions together

A BYU student and her father pose with Cosmo at a BYU football game. Courtesy BYU Alumni Association
A BYU student and her father pose with Cosmo at a football game. Courtesy BYU Alumni Association

“The purpose is to give parents and family the opportunity to experience a little bit of BYU with their student,” Isaak said. “We hope that while they are here and participating in the various events they feel the spirit of the Y.”

According to Isaak, this weekend will attract around 1,000 participants, with most of the parents arriving from out of state.

“Many of the parents have freshmen attending BYU, but we do get a lot of parents of upperclassmen,” Isaak said. “There are some parents who come back every year. I believe the record is attending eight years in a row. I believe they had six children attend BYU.”

Shelley Nash, a mother with two students currently attending BYU, participated in Parents Weekend in 2009. She appreciated the chance to see that her daughter, Kiersten Nash, was getting settled into her new life at BYU and felt reassured that Kiersten was doing well.

“I think it is a good way to experience and see the things your child is experiencing, particularly the environment of being surrounded by other young adults,” Nash said. “We attended the BYU football game and we also attended church with her and her roommate and then we all ate dinner together in the Cannon Center.”

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