Longboarding: More than just a thrill


For some, longboarding is seen as a nuisance. For a group of locals it’s about freedom and thrill.

During the last few years, longboarding has become more than just an activity for college kids. There have been several official downhill races as well as distance races and slalom events. One local company, Mojo Decks, is hoping to bring some of those competitions to Utah.

Longboarding is growing in Utah, not just as a thrill ride but as a way to get around quickly. Photo illustration courtesy Mojo Longboards

Mojo Decks is a longboard company made up of friends who claim the sport is all about the thrill while enjoying the ride.

Nathaniel “Boots” Moss is part of the Mojo crew and said longboarders seek the rush that comes from going fast, but that is not all it is about.

“Longboarding gives me the thrill without having to worry about pain,” Moss said. “It’s about being in the zone, feeling alive yet being totally relaxed. There are many reasons people get into longboarding: It’s cheap transportation. Their friends do it. They love the thrill or all of the above.”

Auz Bishop, one of the Mojo Decks leaders, said longboarding for them is about going out as a group and just having fun while trying to push the limit.

“If I don’t have a thrill it is boring, and if I’m not pushing it then I am not progressing,” Bishop said.

The crew from Mojo Decks can be seen most nights in downtown Salt Lake cruising around and pushing the envelope with their specialized boards.

“There is a lot to occupy yourself with longboarding,” Bishop said. “It’s not just going fast down hills. Someone can just cruise around town or they can do tricks like power slides or even just dance while listening to music.”

Mojo Decks is in the process of building their social media presence so more longboarders can meet up and go on adventures.

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