BYU students find fitness options on campus

David Leonard, undeclared, saves money by woring out on campus. (Photo by Ari Davis.)
David Leonard, undeclared, saves money by working out on campus. (Photo by Ari Davis)

The start of school means filling up free time with classes, homework, clubs and new work schedules. Even though extra time seems to disappear, BYU students are able to fit working out into their new schedules at some of the various free facilities available on campus.

Ian Ray, a senior working to become a personal trainer at Gold’s Gym,  has been going to BYU’s weight room since he found out about it as a freshman. The weight rooms are part of the many free options BYU students have to get their heart rates up on campus.

“I plan time every day for about an hour to an hour and a half to work out,” Ray said. “I usually go in the mornings or evenings.”

Nikki Jimenez, a freshman who works at the information desk of the Richards Building, listed the indoor pool, the gyms, the racquetball courts and the tennis courts as a few of the other opportunities for exercise that students can choose from.

Services like the pool and racquetball courts are available for use during open play; schedules can be found online at the RB facilities website. With a valid student ID, students can receive a free wristband and be eligible to use any of these facilities located in the Richards Building and the Smith Fieldhouse.

Jimenez said the best way for her to stay on top exercise during the school year is to consistently plan ahead and find the time to exercise.

Jackie Foutz, a junior studying athletic training, works in the weight room of the Smith Fieldhouse, the Indoor Practice Field and the Richards Building. Part of her job includes setting up facilities such as putting up nets for tennis in the Richards Building, for which any full-time student can arrange if they are interested.

When she’s not working there, Foutz enjoys playing volleyball in the Richards Building and using the weight rooms. She uses her workouts as a way to stay energized and motivated through schoolwork.

“I have noticed that working out first helps me to be more focused when doing homework,” Foutz said. “I work out right after classes, and then I am more focused later.”

Students who find time to work out during their busy school schedules can choose from the various facilities on campus by using their student ID cards to get wristbands from the information desks outside those facilities.

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