Weekly 5: Five lessons from ‘Boy Meets World’


“Boy Meets World” wasn’t just a funny TV show, it taught viewers important life lessons. For seven seasons, the characters dealt with everything from insecurities to career paths. In preparation for the spinoff series “Girl Meets World,” airing in 2014, here are five of the most important lessons to remember from Cory Matthews and the gang.

1. Teacher knows best

Mr. Feeny taught his students more about life than anything. He allowed them to stumble and try to figure things out on their own, but he was always there for them along the way.

If given the opportunity, professors can teach about much more than academics. Though professors do not have the opportunity to teach their students every year since the sixth grade, that doesn’t make them any less influential.

“Mr. Feeny always pulled through with some sage advice for Cory and Shawn,” Cara Christensen, a public relations major from Sherwood, Ore., said. “I’ve really appreciated the ‘Mr. Feenys’ in my life.”

2. Be a kid when you grow up

Eric Matthews was an exemplary “kiddult.” Countless lessons can be learned from Eric about maintaining certain childlike attributes into adulthood.

In one episode, Eric has the responsibility to deposit a sum of money for his boss. On his way, he gives the money to a man and his monkey. When Eric returns to work, his boss is upset, and Eric gets in trouble. Later, the man with the monkey returns to pay Eric back, and Eric’s boss ends up learning a lesson about generosity.

Don’t get this mixed up with acting like a child though. Eric did that, too, but it only resulted in him starting a lot of fires and inventions like Giant Underpants. And just because Eric did it, you shouldn’t give away money that isn’t yours.

3. Bromances are a good thing

Cory and Shawn Hunter. One of the greatest bromances of all time. Through thick and thin, these bros were there for each other. They taught viewers important lessons about what it means to be a good friend, from how to talk to girls to sticking up for each other no matter what.

The girl version of a bromance, whatever that’s called, is a wonderful thing too. No matter the title, friendship is important.

“They can joke around but they can also be sincere with one another,” Elizabeth Wardlow, an elementary education major from Yukon, Okla., said. “They’re just a couple of friends going through the journey of life together.”

4. Always sit in the same seat

Shawn, Cory and Topanga Lawrence sat in the same seats in class every year. There were a few occasions when that harmony was disrupted by another student, leading to issues that lasted an entire episode.

Whether it’s at school or church, people pick their territory. If one person sits in the wrong seat, it can create a domino effect of wrong-seat-sitters, allowing chaos to ensue. “Boy Meets World” lesson four helps to avoid this chaos.

“It’s kind of stupid but I feel like we’ve had assigned seats since the third grade,” Brady Witbeck, a history major from Las Vegas, said. “When I don’t sit in my same seat it throws me off a bit.”

5. Life’s tough, get a helmet

As one of the most famous quotes from the show, “life’s tough, get a helmet” is what makes “Boy Meets World” so relatable. The characters go through changes and deal with issues that everyone faces.

When Topanga’s parents got divorced, she decided love didn’t exist and broke off her engagement to Cory. Her mom explained that sad things will happen, but that is no reason to give up on love.

Don’t let hardships bring you down. Life will be tough; if you accept that, you can get through anything.

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