Lake Island’s two-year journey gives rise to full-length album

Lake Island band, from left to right: Jared Cisneros (keys), Steve Richardson (bass), Kyle Hooper (vocal/guitar). (Photo courtesy of Lake Island.)
Lake Island, from left to right: Jared Cisneros (keys), Steve Richardson (bass), Kyle Hooper (vocal/guitar). (Photo courtesy Lake Island)

Utah County-based indie-rock group Lake Island is releasing its first full-length album Friday, Sept. 20, nearly two years after the group started recording.

Lake Island is looking forward to the release although an album wasn’t part of the band’s original plan.

“We were playing quite a few shows for a while, but it really wasn’t on the calendar for us to record at all or produce an album,” said Kyle Hooper, singer and guitarist. “All of a sudden we played a show and this local guy saw us and told us that he wanted to get us in the studio. Within a few weeks from that show we went in the studio.”

Lake Island had been working on some of the songs since the band started back in August 2011. In December 2012 the members began recording, finishing the songs around May 2013. A few months later, the album titled “Outermost” was ready for release.

“(The album) stands as a whole,” said bassist Steve Richardson. “It’s six separate tracks, but it’s really one cohesive piece of music.”

“I feel like the emotion of it is really great and on the darker side of things,” Hooper added.

According to Jared Cisneros, the band’s keyboardist and tour manager for the band Desert Noises, there wasn’t any added pressure once recording started.

“We kind of had our songs already written,” Cisneros said. “It just came as a surprise.”

The band did struggle with finding the right time and motivation to work on the album.

“We kept facing the problem of not being proactive enough,” Hooper said. “At times I felt like it was going a little slower than it should’ve been, but once we started setting deadlines for it everything started.”

The band also had shaky beginnings watching members come and go. Hooper and Cisneros were the two constants, but the band finally stabilized with the summer 2012 addition of Richardson. Since then, the members refined their sound and toured Utah and Idaho.

“We’re all just really fond of music, and I feel like we’re really attracted to the dynamics of music,” Hooper said. “We just really love playing.”

Lake Island will perform at a special album release show in Provo at The Velour with Desert Noises and Tess Comrie Friday, Sept. 20 at 8 p.m. The band hopes to tour regionally as soon as possible following the release.

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