Capitol anticipates high visitor traffic


The State Capitol in Salt Lake City anticipates an increase in visitors as it prepares for the

The Utah State Capitol holds tours for the public
The Utah State Capitol is open for citizens exploration

legislative session and is seeking volunteers.

“Thousands of people come through in one day,” said Sara Howard, the manager of public relations and visitor services for the Capitol Preservation Board. “We see an increase in numbers every year.”

The legislative session begins at the end of January. The House, Senate and Supreme Court chambers can be seen on tours.

“I love going to the capitol,” said Jordan Ricks, a senior at BYU. “It would be so cool to be there while Congress is in session.”

Since its refinishing in 2008 the Capitol has gathered more and more visitors. People on tours can see the lavish furnishings, learn about the history of Utah and experience how the government functions.

“We like to have as many people as we can come out and explore the capitol,” Howard said.

Volunteers are needed to guide tours, which are available every hour. In exchange for their efforts, volunteers are able to see the inner workings of the state’s government center.

The Utah capitol was opened in 1916. It houses the offices of the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and others. It is the main building of the Utah State Capitol Complex, and it sits on Capitol Hill, overlooking Salt Lake City.

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