Defunding ObamaCare

President Obama speaks about healthcare.
President Obama speaks about healthcare. (AP Photo)

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) released a statement supporting new legislation to defund ObamaCare.

The legislation, written by Congressman Tom Graves (R-GA), aims to protect Americans from the effects of ObamaCare for at least one year while continuing to fund all other functions of government.

“The House should pass this legislation immediately and send it to the Senate,” said Sen. Lee in his statement.

Sen. Lee said he hopes the House will work quickly to afford the American people the same protections the Obama administration has granted for others.

“The president has delayed the implementation of ObamaCare for big business, unions and his special-interest supporters. Congress should delay it for the rest of the country as well.”

Some students feel this move to defund ObamaCare is a step in the right direction.

“I think there might be some good aspects about (ObamaCare),” said Blackfoot, Idaho, native Conner Bingham. “However, I think it needs to be revised in a way so that it is beneficial to the people.”

Bingham, a sophomore student, felt the states’ involvement in this legislation would bring to light some of the glaring issues with the law.

“It might be a good thing that some states are trying to defund ObamaCare because that might point out some inadequacies and flaws in such a law.”

Others feel that this new legislation and Sen. Lee’s aggressive support might be too little, too late.

Eric Evans, a sophomore studying social science teaching, has seen the effects of ObamaCare already hit the Nebo School District, where his father-in-law works.

“They can’t hire any more employees because of the costs they’re incurring having to offer the insurance,” Evans said. “All the part-time employees’ hours are also being cut back.”

Evans went on to say since larger organizations, such as the Nebo School District, are already bracing for the effects of ObamaCare by reducing employee’s time on the clock, he doubts any positive change will occur if ObamaCare is simply postponed.

“With it looming in the distance, I know they’re starting to make plans for the years that ObamaCare is going to keep enforcing the different penalties at different levels and they’ve already started making policies for that,” said Evans.

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