3D Chalk Drawing comes to the Kennedy Center


A BYU graduate from Provo, was spotted outside the Kennedy Center Sept 18 composing a 3D chalk mural of the globe for the Study Abroad Fair.

Rebecca Pletsch, the artist, earned her degree in Painting and Fine Arts from BYU. She is a regular artist but said, “I do chalk art a few times a year, I did a piece for Chalk the Block last year at Riverwoods and the Kennedy Center saw the image and liked it.”

A few months later the Kennedy Center hired Pletsch for the project.

Pletsch works to create her masterpiece outside the Kennedy Center Sept 18. Photo by Brynne Turville

The Kennedy Center collaborated with Pletsch to create the image with the theme in mind for their International Study Programs fair on Sept. 19 titled “Get out of Provo.”

“It’s meant to represent getting out and seeing the learning opportunities in other parts of the world, places to explore, and to serve,” Pletsch added.

Pletsch explained, a formula is used to bring this anamorphic image to life, a few elements such as line of sight, and viewing distance are calculated to create the correct proportions.

“They wanted this one in a hurry,” Pletsch said, “usually I will spend between 30-40 hours on a chalk drawing, this one will be done in about 20 hours.”

Casey Burgess, the event specialist for the Kennedy Center and a senior studying medical laboratory science, said, “we’re looking to bring her back for more campus events, she’s done a wonderful job.”

Pletsch feels the creation will be very impactful and meaningful. She hopes, “it will not be defaced by any angry Utes,” in honor of rivalry week.

The image will be completed Sept 19, in the afternoon, and will be displayed throughout the weekend.

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