Veteran’s Day


Surely BYU is one of the best schools on earth. Who wouldn’t want to attend “the school of the prophets”? However, as a lifetime Veterans of Foreign Wars member I was surprised when I learned our school does not observe Veteran’s Day, a federal holiday.

Given that BYU has a veteran population and both Army and Air Force ROTC programs, I believe more consideration should be given to this decision. I also believe it is important for young people and their families to be able to participate in activities held on this day. Let us not forget that Latter-day Saints have a proud veteran history that extends to Captain Moroni, the Mormon Battalion and present-day LDS veterans.

I hope my letter to the editor will raise awareness of this issue and generate support. I hope the BYU administrators will choose to honor their own veteran legacy as well as that of our countrymen by deciding to officially observe Veteran’s Day in the future. I certainly hope it is worthy of more attention than the recent controversy over caffeine-free soda on campus.

Amanda Terry

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