Weekly five: Five reasons to be excited for the fall season


Fall has officially arrived with the first weeks of a new semester. Assignments are beginning to pile up, and many BYU students are longing for summer again. But while fall isn’t as carefree as summer, it still has its own great benefits. There are (at least) five things students can get excited about as the crisp, cool fall temperatures set in.

1. Weather

This summer, Utah broke temperature records as students were subjected to numerous days of triple-digit heat. As fall approaches, the harsh summer heat is beginning to fade. And with the drop of temperature, students have more that much more reason to wrap their favorite scarves around their necks and put on cozy jackets they have been tempted to wear since last month.

Nadine Stringham, a senior math education major from Boise, said her favorite part of the fall is the weather.

“It’s just cool and perfect temperature,” Stringham said.

2. Football

Football is back, which means Cougar spirit is at its all-time high. School spirit is boiling over to every corner of campus, and even students who aren’t football fans can feel it. After the Cougars put a up a record-setting performance against Texas last weekend, the campus community has one more reason to be excited for upcoming games this fall, especially the highly anticipated Holy War this weekend.

“Football games give something to look for after a stressful and busy week,” said Andrew Lindsay, a sophomore public health major from Orem. “It’s fun to be with your friends at the game.”

3. Colorful foliage

Mountains blanketed in green during the summer months are very pretty, but nothing can beat the beauty of fall leaves. Getting away from campus and into the colorful foliage is a breeze thanks to Utah’s numerous hiking trails and walking paths. A walk or hike in the mountains in the coming months makes for a perfect date or weekend adventure.

Pamela Hernandez, a freshman pre-nursing major from Colorado, said she loves how fall provides a variety of colors.

“Coming back to school is kind of like the leaves getting changed,” Hernandez said. “It’s really pretty. It makes me feel happy.”

4. Holiday season

Labor Day kicked off the fall season, giving everyone a break from their daily routines. Before students know it, Halloween will be just around the corner. Spooky parties, pumpkin carvings, haunted houses and costumes have always been college students’ favorite activities. Thanksgiving follows, giving students a break from school and providing opportunities to travel home.

Emilie Knecht, a freshman from Heber, said she enjoys the anticipation of the upcoming holiday season and the cheerful spirit that students, friends and family members carry with them.

5. The beginning of a new journey

Though New Year’s Eve is generally the first thing most people think of when it comes to starting over and setting goals, the beginning of a new semester provides the same opportunity. Students can welcome in the new semester by making a pledge to avoid procrastination, making new friends and learning new things.

Cameron Skidmore, a film major from Kansas, said her favorite part of the fall is the hustle and bustle of starting new classes.

“The most exciting part is starting again from the beginning,” Skidmore said. “On campus there are a lot of people walking around. During the summer, it’s like a ghost town, but now everyone is back.”

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