The Wall at BYU hosts Women’s Services Fall Bash


Women’s Services specializes in counseling and therapy and stands as a safety net for women on campus at BYU.

In years past, Women’s Services has hosted successful back-to-school pamper nights to celebrate the women who use its services. Although pedicures and massages are always appreciated, this year the approach is different.

Women's Services circulated this flyer for the event this Friday evening.
Women’s Services circulated this flyer for the event this Friday evening. (Courtesy Women’s Services)

Ashleigh Adkins, a BYU graduate with a degree in sociology and a minor in women’s studies, is the office manager for Women’s Services. “We want people to know we’re here,” Adkins said. The team wanted an event that would involve all students, she explained.

The Women’s Services office went to work to create an event that would spread the word and involve all students.

Adkins had been brainstorming for a few weeks, and the event idea hit her one weekend night at a concert. “I was at a rooftop concert and saw three girls literally killin’ it on stage,” Adkins said. “I knew it had to be them.”

A huge advocate for women in the arts, Adkins got her team together to start planning. After hours of teamwork, and a collaborative effort from all involved, they decided to host a concert at The Wall on campus. After she saw the Blue Aces, an all-girl group, Adkins’ impression stuck, and the band agreed to come perform.

Katie Bell, a senior from Seattle, Wash., studying psychology, is one of the event planners working on the event. “We have done our best to use everyone’s strengths to make this a fun and successful event,” she said.

The team’s number-one goal is for attendees to spread the word about Women’s Services and what they are here to do, Adkins explained.

“We believe in our program and can make a difference,” Adkins said. “We want women to know they can come for nutrition counseling, a good cry on the couch or even just a mid-day chat.”

Adkins is a strong believer that men should enlist to help fix women’s issues. “Everyone knows someone,” Adkins said. “Husbands, brothers and siblings are encouraged to come in and participate as well.”

Sterling May is the manager for The Wall lounge on campus and mentioned, “I fully expect Women’s Services to pack the house. They have worked hard to advertise their event, and The Blue Aces are very talented musicians who will appeal to many students.”

This event is free and will include drawings, prizes and food. The concert is Friday, Sept. 20, from 7 until 9 p.m. at The Wall (1151 WSC) on campus.

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