“Fablehaven” Author Launches New Series


Provo–Brandon Mull, bestselling author of the “Fablehaven” series, launched his new book, “Wild Born,” Tuesday at the Provo Library.

“Wild Born” is the first book in a new multi-author series, “Spirit Animals,” published by Scholastic. The series will have seven books, each written by a different author. Mull has written the first book and the outline for the entire series. Scholastic came up with the prompt for the series.

“This could be really stupid or it could be really awesome and I think I’m the dude that could make it awesome,” Mull said.

The sereies takes place on an Earth-like world called Erdas. People on Erdas can bond with an animal at a certain age. The series follows four children that bond with animals.

Scholastic also has a free game online where players can create a character with a Spirit Animal and go on adventures with the main characters. Scholastic said it will get kids who don’t normally read books to get involved in the world and read the books.

“Wild Born” is Mull’s shortest book. It has a fast pace and the most engaging start of any of his previous work, Mull said.

All of the authors for the series are currently working on their books. The second book, “Hunted,” written by Maggie Stiefvater, will be released in January. Each book will be released approximately three months apart.

“It’s weird handing off the story to other writers, but I’m happy I’m doing it,” Mull said.

Mull also announced that he is working on a sequel series to his New York Times bestselling series “Fablehaven”.

“There is a pretty good plan for a true sequel series in 2016,” Mull said.

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