Weekly five: Ways to survive the first weeks of school


Welcome back to classes, social activities, new professors, homework, work and a large serving of stress to top it off. The Universe asked BYU students to share some of their favorite ways to deal with the stress of a new semester and came up with these tips for transitioning into the daily grind of the semester.

1.Don’t leave assignments or studying until the last minute

At the end of “syllabus week,” it is easy for students to look at distant midterms, term papers and final projects and think they have plenty of time before they have to sit down and work on things. But before students know it, crunch time is upon them, often resulting in long hours at the library, late-night study sessions and stressful cramming.

The key to surviving not only the first weeks of school, but the entire year, is to work on projects and papers little by little and to study regularly for tests that seem a long way off.

2. Hit the gym

Both the co-ed and the girl’s gym offer free services to all full-time BYU students. Take advantage of this opportunity to let go of all the built-up energy from crazy class schedules.

Carter Peterson, a BYU student, said exercise is his main source of relief.

“I work out like a boss,” Peterson said.

Students who may not have time to hit the gym can bike to class. Biking can actually reduce the stress of finding a parking spot minutes before class and is much faster than walking.

“I ride my bike to school. It’s too crazy to deal with parking,” said Rosemary Wolfe, a BYU student. “If you drive you will find no parking and be late for class.”

3. Get enough sleep

Getting an adequate amount of sleep during the school year gets harder once social and academic responsibilities collide and begin to pile up. For some students, the solution is found in power naps, but nothing beats a good night’s sleep. Setting a tentative sleep schedule helps you to follow a routine.

One BYU student, Cristina Bolanos, becomes more mindful of her sleep schedule once school starts.

“Develop a good sleeping pattern,” Bolanos said. “Sleep is really important but typically, college kids don’t find the time to get enough sleep.”

4. Get organized: Prioritize

Organizational tools such as planners, to-do lists, separate folders and notebooks for individual classes help students keep track of assignments and respective due dates. Prioritize the most important classes and assignments that make up the bulk of a grade. Having everything mapped out and ready leaves more time for other things.

“Start off working hard and don’t get behind,” said Rebecca Mecham, a BYU student.

“Get organized by writing all of your due dates, especially the major ones in your planner,” said Chelsea Richie, another BYU student.

5. Take time for yourself

More than anything else, remember that taking time for yourself will help decrease your stress levels throughout the semester. It is important to remember to refresh and relax in order to succeed in school.

Cami Palmer, a BYU student said, “yoga breaks and oreos” help her with the survival of the first weeks of class.

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