New BYU tradition: ‘ROC the Wall’ serves as pep rally before home football games


Hundreds of students have yet to hike the Y, go tunnel singing or wreak havoc at True Blue Football because such activities can seem inconvenient. Now, however, students can get their fill of Cougar tradition thanks to The Wall, which is launching a new tradition called “ROC the Wall.”

“ROC the Wall” will be held on nights prior to home BYU football games at The Wall.

Students gathered for the first “ROC The Wall” event of the football season. (Photo by Ari Davis)

Sterling May, the manager of The Wall, is enthusiastic about the event serving the function of a pep rally as well as being able to combine local music and sports.

“This is to get everybody excited that BYU is starting off the whole football season. They can come somewhere where they feel like they can come hang out, they can enjoy bands, they can enjoy a DJ, good food, inside and outside,” May said. “I’m a band guy. … I’m just excited that we can take our local band music and tie it in with BYU Football.”

There will be a DJ, food trucks, local bands, athletes and prize drawings every pre-game night.

“‘ROC the Wall’ is going to be one of the greatest traditions started at BYU,” said Brandon Beck, president of the BYU Student Service Association, in a news release regarding the event. “Not only will it get everyone excited for the football games but it will help unite our student body and show the pride we have for our team.”

“ROC the Wall” was named in keeping with BYU’s student section, which has been named “Roar of Cougars,” or ROC for short.

The Wall is located in the Wilkinson Center, in the southeast corner of the first floor, near the bowling alley.

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