UVU President Announces Expansion Within New Geneva Development


The small city of Vineyard, Utah is going through a reinvention. The largest active “brown field” area in America has been cleaned up and is ready for development. The area has been reinvented as the new Geneva and hopes to be home to new residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Utah Valley University has already purchased 100 acres for campus expansion, with 125 more being considered, and the development has driven other corporations to participate

President Matthew Holland of Utah Valley University, in part with Geneva, announces the expansion plan for campus
President Matthew Holland of Utah Valley University, in part with Geneva, announces the expansion plan for campus

The land south of Utah Lake in the small town of Vineyard fell into desolation ever since the steel producing giant, Geneva Steel, went bankrupt it 2002. After it was purchased by Anderson Development it has undergone extensive environmental cleanup, including massive amounts of concrete removal and is hoped to be the new site of Utah County’s premier community.

UVU plans to develop this land as the beginning of their expansion project from Orem to Layton.

“There is not enough room for growth on our Orem campus and Geveva presented an opportunity,” said President Matthew S. Holland.

The site is to hold the nation’s largest intramural centers for UVU students, as well as other buildings still under process and not yet announced.

When asked about how the expansion of UVU would affect BYU, Holland said the universities should continue to work in tandem as UVU becomes more prominent.

“UVU holds a university role for the community, as well as still a community college role. It is also attractive to LDS students. We hope the students see UVU as a complement to BYU instead of as a competitor,” said Holland.

The expansion north is hoped to solve many of UVU’s traffic issues. The land owned will have at least 900 new parking stalls. The community is also close to three different freeway entrances. Eventually a Frontrunner train stop will be made available in the town center. The train will run straight to UVU, as well as to the other campuses in future plans.

The Mayor of Vineyard Randy Farnworth said is looking forward to the expansion.

“We’ve always been a small town, but there is no reason for us to stay small,” said Farnworth

The development is expected to provide at least 20,000 new jobs.

Visual concept of Vineyard City Geneva Community
Visual concept of Vineyard City Geneva Community

Greg Miller, CEO of Larry H. Miller, also announced plans to open a new Megaplex theatre in the community, featuring a five-story 2D/3D IMAX screen as well as state of the art technology and services. It is expected to be open by winter 2014

The rest of the area will be divided into new residential, industrial, and commercial zones. Once UVU gave their commitment, other organizations became interested in moving in as well.

Several acres of residential town homes and apartments are scheduled to be completed by fall of 2015 to house both students and families. Flagship homes has already sold many homes to be built near the shore of Utah lake. There are other housing communities underway including the Concord Apartment Community at Geneva and the Homestead at Vineyard

Mid- to high-rise office centers are zoned, as well are retail centers and corporate campus. The lake front property is to be taken advantage of to provide recreation with boat ramps, rentals, beaches, and more. Days Market has committed to be the communities grocer.

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