Campus construction: Changes students should know


BYU is in the middle of major road and traffic changes, in an effort to create a more pedestrian-friendly environment.


The construction has been separated into three phases, the first of which was recently completed in August; the second and third phases are scheduled to be completed during the 2014-15 spring and summer terms.

The bulk of phase 1 construction took place on the east side of campus in front of the Wilkinson Student Center. There is no longer a through-traffic on Campus Drive road, and the pedestrian bridge that connected the J. Reuben Clark Law School building and the WSC has been removed.

Due to the removal of the bridge and balcony, the main entrance to the law building will be moved from the third floor to the second floor, giving the faculty and students a large green patio for social gatherings.

A roundabout was built south of the law building, linking 900 East to East Campus Drive. The roundabout has two separate lanes, potentially making it confusing for drivers unfamiliar with roundabouts. The inside lane facilitates constant, through-traffic flow, while the outside lane is primarily for drop-offs.

A second drop-off point was also added in front of the Museum of Art to improve the flow of traffic and help keep pedestrians safe.

JRC-ParkingThe purpose of the changes aren’t meant to increase parking capacity but, there will be a slight increase in parking stalls when the all three phases of the project have been completed.

The increase in parking will be primarily near the Harris Fine Arts Center and Wilkinson Center.

UTA’s campus bus stops have also been changed. For more information please go to

Although these changes may come as a surprise to some, they will make campus a safer, more unified place for students and faculty alike.


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