Cougar Questions: What is the best thing about being a BYU student?


There are many exciting things about being a BYU cougar. With the start of a new semester we went out on campus to see what students love most about BYU.

“I come here for the people. There are a ton of good people here at BYU.” —Jacob Sell, undecided

“The best thing about being a BYU student is the tradition. There is a great atmosphere here about BYU and I really like that.” —Tanner Mcclellan, economics

“I love being on the prowl as a Cougar. Shoot for the stars, that’s what I say.”— Scott Jones, graphic design

“The environment is great. BYU is a good college with a great environment.” Cameron Salass, undecided

“The football game and the study abroad opportunities are the best part of being a BYU student. The friendship that is tangible and the fact that you share common roots make you feel comfortable here.” —Shannon Mason, public health

“BYU is pretty social and I love that about it. It has a good fun environment, and the atmosphere is good.” —Mike Stoddard, chemical engineering

“The music programs are pretty awesome. there are so many things to do in music here at BYU.” —Lars Watts, mechanical engineering

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