BYU women’s soccer defeats Nebraska 3–0


The BYU women’s soccer team recorded its first-ever win over Nebraska on a record attendance Aug. 30 at South Field.

A record high 5,108 fans packed the bleachers and stood four and five deep on the sidelines for the 3–0 win and the program’s 100th home shutout.

Freshman Elena Medeiros scored her first career goal by putting the first points on the scoreboard with three minutes remaining in the first half. The goal was beautifully assisted by Niki Fernandes who was wide open in the seams. She got the cross off, Medeiros put her head on and the ball went directly in the back of the net.

“It was unreal. It was so exciting. I can build off of this and continue to get better and better,” Medeiros said.

Nebraska showed BYU a different style of play that forced adjustments on the Cougars’ part. BYU spent the first half adjusting to Nebraska’s offense, but once it figured out its opponent, the second half allowed for room to relax and put some goals away.

“Both teams were playing really hard. Both teams were dangerous. And our girls did a good job of trying to read what they (Nebraska) were trying to do in the first half without getting too frustrated,” head coach Jennifer Rockwood said.

Senior Cloee Colohan entered the second half, confidently scoring her first goal of the season and giving the Cougars a 2–0 lead. Immediately following, she rushed along the sidelines high-fiving eager and excited fans. She said she likes to give her glory back to the fans because they are a part of the win.

“When I do score I go to the fans for sure,” Colohan said. “They give us so much energy, so much confidence, I love it.”

Rockwood said the new record of fans changed the atmosphere and created a home field advantage rarely seen anywhere else.

“It’s truly amazing. We’ve got such great support over the years and our marketing does a great job of getting all the freshmen here with the ROC section,” Rockwood said.

BYU finished with a great team effort and a winning goal from sophomore Marissa Nimmer in the 86th minute. As they move forward from this win, the Cougars will gear up to play Utah on Sept. 6.

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