Comic Con coming to Salt Lake City


Comic book and entertainment lovers are gathering together this weekend to make their fantasies become a reality. For the first time ever, Salt Lake City will play host to Comic Con at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy Sept. 5–7.

Along with the chance to dress up like their favorite comic book, movie and video game characters, fans will be able to mingle with many high-ranking celebrities.

Celebrity guests include stars such as Henry Winkler, Adam West, William Shatner and Claire Coffee. Panels will be available so that fans can ask some of their favorite stars questions along with many autograph sessions.

According the the event’s website, contributors are excited for this great opportunity to come to Salt Lake City.

“The GEEX Gaming and Electronics Expo has been a long-running and well-loved event in Salt Lake City, but this year we are adding all the excitement and flair of today’s comic book and entertainment convention,” according to the event website. “The result is a whole that is a lot more fun than its parts… your one stop event for the best in gaming, comics, TV, movies, technology and pop culture.”

Along with other celebrity guests, Salt Lake Comic Con will be hosting some paranormal guests.

Amy Bruni will be available for those interested in ghost hunting. Bruni grew up “in a haunted house,” according to the website. “Yet, unlike most in that situation, Amy’s family embraced it.”

For those interested in the paranormal, Ben Hansen, the lead host is a popular show on the SyFy channel, with also make an appearance at Comic Con.

“A Utah native, Ben Hansen is the lead host and investigator of the SyFy channel’s ‘Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files,'” according to the Comic Con website. “With three seasons on air, the show focuses on recreating videos and photos of alleged paranormal events to see if they have a natural explanation, were hoaxed or if they remain unexplained.”

Fans are encouraged to dress up as their favorite comic book, movie and video game characters, and enjoy a day playing video games, interacting and interacting with their favorite stars.

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