Enough already


I happened to be on campus Thursday, Aug. 22 and picked up a copy of The Universe. In the article “Men talk for information; women talk for interaction” I was surprised by the opening sentence: “Communication and understanding are key to helping improve husbands, John Bytheway said … ”

Did John Bytheway really say that or was there an error? I’m hoping it was an error, but I have heard enough of these types of statements that I wanted to write in and express concern over a cultural trend that has gone too far.

Maybe those who make these types of statements think they are talking women up by talking men down, but it really is damaging. All it does is encourage women to see faults in men and train men to think of themselves as lesser partners. This is just another cultural excuse for putting one group down.

As a father of three sons, I am tired of a culture that would train them to see themselves as inept slouches just hoping a woman will put up with them.

Men and women really are equals. Let’s start treating each other that way. Enough of the cheap shots.

Dan Broadbent
Orem, UT

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