New Google Fiber details emerge; prices revealed


Google Fiber officials released new details this month about the prices of the network’s services as it inches closer to being fully implemented in Provo by the end of the year.

Customers will have three choices under the new network, ranging from free to $120 per month.

Residents can choose what the company terms a “basic broadband speed” of five megabytes per second at no cost, and can retain that free deal if they wish for up to seven seven years.

Google Fiber customers can choose from three plans after paying a $30 installation fee. (Information Graphic by Ben Lockhart; Google Fiber Rabbit image courtesy Google)
Google Fiber customers can choose from three plans after paying a $30 installation fee. (Information Graphic by Ben Lockhart; Google Fiber Rabbit image courtesy Google)

For $70 per month, customers can use the download and upload speeds of one gigabyte per second.

For $120 per month, customers would use the same faster internet speed plus access hundreds of Google TV channels in high definition and store 500 hours worth of content.

Michael Slinger, director of Google Fiber business operations, said each of these options will include a $30 upfront construction fee, although some landlords may pay that fee on behalf of their tenants. Slinger said Google is busy speaking with landlords across the city about getting Google’s technology installed on site.

“Planning for and installing Google Fiber in these big buildings takes a lot of time,” Slinger said as part of Google’s annnouncement in April. “So if you manage a building with 5 or more units, we’d love to start chatting with you now.”

Still, the network’s large scale launch may not occur until early 2014 after some initial tests.

“We’re working hard to hit our goal of getting our first Google Fiber customers hooked up before the end of the year,” Slinger said.
Single-family homes have the option to continue using Veracity Networks, Slinger said, and may wait longer than those in large-scale housing for Google Fiber capability.

“Nothing changes for (for single-family homes) yet,” Slinger said. “You can continue to use your service as you do today. Later this year, you’ll have the option of becoming a Google Fiber customer and the option to sign up for any of the (three price plans).”

Provo City announced the deal with Google Fiber in April, and the two parties finalized their deal in July.

“Provo residents can expect to start hearing more about the particulars of the rollout campaign, types of service Google is providing, and which neighborhood will claim the title of Provo’s first ‘Fiberhood,’” said Provo Mayor John Curtis at the time.

“Over the coming weeks and months you’ll be given a course in Google Fiber 101.”

Google Fiber is also debuting in pilot cities Austin, Texas and Kansas City, Mo. Provo sold its existing iProvo network to Google for one dollar after several internet companies struggled financially to operate the $39 million network since 2004.

After paying a *one-time construction fee of $30, Google Fiber customers will have three plans to choose from:

Basic broadband speeds up to five megabits per second download, 1 megabit per second upload; no monthly fee

Google Fiber; speeds up to one gigabit per second download and upload; $70 per month

Google Fiber + Google TV; speeds up to one gigabit per second download and upload, plus hundreds of interactive TV channels in high definition; includes 500 hours of storage for recorded programming $120/month

*Landlords in some apartment complexes may cover this cost for tenants.

*The Universe originally reported incorrect details regarding speeds of Google Fiber. Speeds were originally reported as mega/gigabytes, when they are actually mega/gigabits. Corrections were made throughout the article on Sept. 8.

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