My Week on YouTube Aug. 27


A self-proclaimed YouTube junkie, opinion editor Anna Wendt brings you her favorite videos from the past week.

Easy going dinner

After living in New York for two months without a kitchen, I arrived back in Provo with the burning desire to cook up a storm. Last Tuesday, I discovered a fantastic recipe for something called “sticky chicken.”

If you need a quick, simple and delicious recipe, sticky chicken is it. That’s the beauty of this Sorted Food recipe tutorial, and any other recipe featured: they’re uncomplicated and plenty tasty. I imagine even the cooking-impaired won’t be able to mess up the sticky chicken.  Chef Ben Ebbrell and the Sorted Crew hail from England, making the videos all the more wonderful. Because who doesn’t want to learn to cook from young men with accents?

The only piece of advice I have about the Sorted Food cooking videos is don’t watch them when you’re not in close proximity to a kitchen. Because you will want to make everything on your screen, and if you can’t, you will suffer.

Check out all the videos at

Harry Potter vs. Science!

This video appealed to my inherently nerdy side, especially my seemingly endless love for Harry Potter. Hank Green was in London for a couple different Internet related conferences so of course he made a video about two of his nerdy inclinations. Green’s video seems all fun and games but he gets pretty deep when talking about how those two subjects, Harry Potter and science, connect him to the world as a whole. Green is goofy and thought provoking and infectiously enthusiastic.

It’s the kind of video that reminds people it’s okay, even preferable, to be so openly excited about things they love. Green likened trying to pick Harry Potter or science over the other as choosing between children or  his parents, because as he put it, “These are two things that didn’t just contribue to how  I understand the world but they built me as a person.”

When I started watching this video, I definitely didn’t think I’d end up thinking as much as I did. I really took a step back to figure out who my “parents” were in that sense.

See all of Hank’s videos at

Anna Wendt is the opinion editor for The Universe. This viewpoint represents his opinion and not necessarily those of BYU, its administration or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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